Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Safety as a Service is Proud to Announce a New Course-Professional Driver Attirubutes

The Attributes of a Professional course looks at what makes a professional driver with some facts and statistics about the profession. From there we delve into what makes an expert OTR driver. Our presentation will finish up with some rules of the road and a code of ethics for all professional OTR drivers. This one course of many in our library at

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Steve Uses Cloud Recruiting with Safety as a Service

Steve explains how he uses Safety as a Service and Gary's Job Board to hire and manage his drivers.

Imagine being able to carefully screen and select your team of drivers without spending a dime on advertising,

Keep driver training current and driver compliance paperwork up to date, tracking those requirements and much more with 21st century technologies. Developing driver loyalty at the same time.

Now, imagine doing it from the comfort of your office.

Safety as a Service delivers that and a lot more…and…does it all for less than the cost of a single help wanted ad


Friday, May 23, 2014

Peek Usaility Test of Our Home Page is a cool tool to help you asses the usability of your websites. It is a free service. All I can say is "Points taken. Thank you very much". Check out our site for yourself

The Opener to Our Blood-Borne Pathogens Class

Cool Opener to Our Drug and Alcohol Class

Discover A New Way to Find Top-Rated Truck Drivers for Fast Delivery

Hi there, I'm Gary!

If you've landed on this page, then you're probably a carrier
looking to post a job listing as fast as humanly possible. Well,
Gary is perfect, as it offers the best solution
for connecting both drivers and carriers.

There's nothing better than using our easy-to-use recruiting platform.

In fact, we're constantly gathering driver applications. Why, you
ask? So that when it's time for you to hire, you will have a pool of
professional drivers, for your most urgent job. These are licensed drivers
ready — and looking for work. Imagine posting your job on our site and
within minutes having a list of qualified drivers to choose from.

How It Works

Just fill out our form below about your company and the job you
need help with.

We'll set you up with an account after that. The next step would be
to place your job posting up on our premiere recruiting sites
(i.e. We'll give them all your info.

And, also deliver full fmcsa compliant applications to your account for
you to review. All you need to do is create the job posting.

We'll take care of the rest.

You'll soon receive talented, skilled, and safe drivers ready to be
interviewed at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of You Signing Up for a Subscription

- No struggling to find the right person for your job
- Instant access to qualified drivers
- More confidence knowing that you'll be taken care of
- Special and affordable pricing for carriers
- Simple recruiting process that meets all your requirements

And much more!

No Hassles, No Questions, No Problems

After a 30-day FREE trial, we are just $49 a month for our Driver M.S.C.
service. This recruiting platform is included in that product along with
other Management, Safety, and Driver Compliance tools. All of this to
help keep your costs down and your trucks moving.

So what are you waiting for?


ATTENTION: To All CDL Drivers - Sign Up Today For Instant Jobs


Hi there, I'm Gary!

If you've landed on this page, then you're probably a driver looking to
land a new job. Well, is perfect, as it offers
the best solution for connecting both drivers and carriers.

CDL Companies are proud to announce our new recruiting service.

You see, the driver shortage is coming back and you are in demand.
Several of our clients have requested that we start looking for qualified
drivers. That's why we have created a one stop resource for the driver
and our clients.

It's a win-win for both parties involved.

How It Works

Usually when you fill out a form on another website that says they have
jobs available, what happens is they forward your information to 20+
companies, and you end up getting spammed like no other.

With us, once you submit your information you will only talk with us
and we will personally find a company that is compatible with you.

Only then will you be contacted directly by them.

And the best part?

There is no charge to you for this service!

We make your job search easy with better pay, better miles, better jobs.

Benefits of You Signing Up With Us As a Driver

- No struggling to find the right job(s) for you
- Instant access to countless companies seeking your skill set
- More freight more miles more money
- Simple recruiting process that will get you immediate results
- Completely free to search and apply for truck driver jobs

And much more!

Searching for truck driver jobs online can be exhausting, and can result
in large sums of time and money lost for you and the companies serious
about hiring. Now, that's where we come in.

We virtually eliminate stress and worry from your life. Create a truck driver
account within minutes. And then apply for trucking jobs you are interested
in. It's really that simple.

No Hassles, No Questions, No Problems

We have been in this business for many years and can easily and quickly
get you the job you want. Please take a look at the qualifications criteria
below. If you meet the basic qualifications please fill out the form and you
will hear from us shortly. All of this to help you get back on the road today.

So what are you waiting for?


Meet Bob…he is a CDL driver …and he is looking for a job…


Meet Bob…he is a CDL driver …and he is looking for a job…

He has talked to several consultants and sent his resume to many more…but what he has received in response is nothing but spam emails in his inbox…

He has applied to many positions ..but could never find a company where the opportunity suits his expectations…After wasting lots of his time , money and efforts, Bob realized that the most important step in job hunting is to identify a company that is actually interested in him…

Easier said than done…soon the whole process of job hunting has become  a nightmare for him…

Just when Bob was about to quit his quest to find the right job…he comes to know about…a unique job board for CDL drivers,that connect them with the real companies looking for drivers…based on their merits and selection criteria.

Finding  CDL driver job at is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. ·         Simply, click on the Drivers tab
  2. ·         Fill out Driver Profile
  3. ·         Click submit and that’s it
That’s it…Your work is over…It is now our turn
·         You will first receive a welcome email from GarysJobboard and Safetyasaservice
·         We will match your profile with the criteria of the Trucking companies, that match your expectations.
       Once the right fit is found, Trucking companies invite you to fill out an application form
·         You will receive the link to the form in your inbox
·         The carrier receives your application-directly.
·         They review and call you for an interview.
You only have to talk with us, and it is our job to find a company that is compatible with you.
What’s more? There is no charge to you for this service.

Yes! Finding a trucking job that fits your expectations, can be that easy

Thanks to…Bob was able to find the perfect job and he has been selected at a reputable carrier…

So what are YOU waiting for? Drivers’ shortage is coming back, and you are in demand. GarysJobBoard is the one stop resource for the driver and for our customers.
Find your dream job as a CDL driver
To know more and get started

Truck driving is a tough job…Finding and keeping truckers? Even tougher

truck driver

Truck driving is a tough job…Finding and keeping truckers? Even tougher
Meet Jason..he runs his own truck carrier company…and like everybody else in the industry..he is struggling to attract and keep a CDL driver.... 

He has contacted several recruiting agencies, but most of the resumes were from the non serious contenders and he has no idea, where to find reliable drivers ,  who would actually love to work with his company

Just when he was about to snap…he comes to know…a platform that connects carriers with compatible CDL drivers , easily and conveniently

As a member,you can hire CDL drivers in few simple steps
·         Go to the Recruiting Tab
·         Click on Job Profile Button
·         Fill out Job Profile
·         See how many drivers match your Job Profile and Search for Drivers.
·         Invite Driver to fill Out an Application
·         You will receive the applications from the drivers
·         View Applications
·         Hire the Driver you like
Amazing! Isn’t it?

Thanks to, Jason was able to hire several CDL drivers…who would love to work with his company…and he is now ready to grow his business manifold

But, there is more to it….When you subscribe to our all inclusive Driver M.S.C package … you get everything we offer with the subscription…including modules like

·         Driver Management : The fastest and most efficient way to manage your drivers. Handle everything from Recruiting to Training to Accidents. A total solution.
·         Driver Safety : Keep your drivers safe and your training costs down with our Driver Safety Solutions.
·         Driver Compliance : Keep your drivers and your company in compliance with our set of management and training tools.
You get everything we offer for the monthly or yearly fee…. No extra up-selling. No per-driver fee. .. It's that simple.

So what are You waiting for?
Recruit the perfect CDL driver in no time
Do more for your drivers and company in much less time and with minimal cost!
To know more and get started

How to Manage a Trucking Company’s Safety, Compliance and Recruiting.

We created a platform to manage a trucking company’s safety, compliance and recruiting.

Everyone involved in transportation is in the driver business. We exist to support them. It doesn’t matter if your business hauls goods, makes or insures trucks. You’re in the driver business.

Our platform helps you support them.

You need to hire, manage and train drivers if you want the most benefit from them.

Our platform satisfies that need. We all need drivers to keep our businesses running. We take a funnel approach to hiring, complying and training. A hired driver is funneled from recruiting to compliance to training.

Recruiting platform-
Advertise the need to hire.
Distribute employment applications.
Receive and review applications.

Did you find a driver to hire?

Send them to the Compliance Section with a click.
Driver Qualification File’s are collected and stored here.
Document accidents and incidents.
Make notes on each driver.
Track drug tests.

Do you want to promote a safe culture?

Follow the driver to the training portal.
Assign courses to all drivers.
Assign specific courses after an incident or accident.
Track course participation
Store and/or print course completion certificates.

The system is easy to navigate and use.

We should not fear the guys at Federal Motor Carrier Safety. You will have a safe company by following the rules. Properly hired,documented and trained drivers effect every corner of your business.

Hiring the right driver improves delivery times.
Improved delivery times bring more customers.

Documenting a driver properly helps during an audit or lawsuit.
Clean audits and less litigation bring more customers.

Safe drivers lower operating costs.
Lower operating costs mean an opportunity for expansion.
Expansion opportunities bring more customers.

Our boots are on the ground. We come from the trucking industry. We come from the training industry. Every tool that we make originated with an internal need. We create tools that scratch our own itch. As truckers and educators.

We offer those tools to the you. To make your job easier. To help you support the people that matter the most….Your Drivers.

You can use our tools for $500 a year. Sign up for a trial at

Driver Solutions You Can Actually Use

Driver MSC

Hiring, training, and managing drivers is a full-time job. Sometimes, even each individual aspect of working with drivers can be challenging and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an innovative system existed that took everything and rolled it into one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solution?

Safety as a Service: Your Source of Sanity
Safety as a Service is that innovative driver management solution. In one affordable monthly or yearly subscription, you gain access to a multitude of powerful, effective tools and training courses. Your subscription includes:
·         Driver management tools
·         Driver safety training
·         Driver compliance tools
Each section of this 3-part system is packed with valuable, practical, technologically advanced material and tools. It’s your one-stop solution for anything and everything that affects the drivers in your business.
Driver Management
Managing drivers takes a lot of time and resources when done the old-fashioned way. Safety as a Service’s Driver Management takes all of your tasks and streamlines them into one all-inclusive interface. Driver management tools include:
·         A management interface including a list of all drivers and their data. Perform tasks related to individual drivers and make important notes you need to remember.
·         Recruiting and hiring tools. Get matched up with qualified drivers who are looking for a job, keep track of digital applications in one place, and keep up with each driver’s or applicant’s drug test results and accident history without having to wade through stacks of paper files.
Share important information with the appropriate team members simply by creating personal login credentials. Safe, secure, organized, and fast, you have everything you need at your fingertips.
Driver Safety Training
Keeping your drivers up to speed on safety is crucial to operating a viable business. The driver safety interface is full of crucial tools, including:
·         Online training courses that are complete, engaging, and easy to use help drivers maintain their driver certifications while allowing you to keep up with their progress.
·         Accident management tools that keep important records and documentation.
·         Education about defensive driving techniques and speeding.
·         Mobile apps for digital vehicle inspection reports and truck rentals
Driver Compliance
As important as driver safety is making sure your drivers are actually complying with their training and your regulations. The driver compliance interface includes:
·         Tracking your drivers’ scores and completion of training courses
·         Easy-to-access records for drug tests, current driver files, and pending driver applications
·         An accident registry to keep up with all accidents and incidents that occur
Free Yourself to Run Your Business

While driver management, training, and safety are vital aspects of your business, they aren’t the only aspects. Safety as a Service frees you to streamline the management of your drivers so that you can focus on the other areas of your business that need your attention. Eliminate the clutter of paper files and the headache of tracking down the information you need by subscribing to the service today.

Safety As a Service Debuts Exclusive Recruiting Platform for Truck Companies

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