Monday, October 14, 2013

D.O.T and FMCSA Compliance Course

Small carriers, owner-operators, and even the big guys, need to follow FMCSA and D.O.T. compliance rules. Small carrier’s struggle to piece together the information required to stay compliant.

This Free on line course will guide you through the Steps to Safety and FMCSA compliance.

The below video will give you a nice overview of the course.

This course has 5 sections and is an interactive guide to kick-start your safety efforts.

  • Driver Qualification File
  • Hours of Service
  • Drug and Alcohol Compliance
  • Maintenance, Accidents, and Financial Responsibilities
  • Glossary of Terms

You need every piece of this puzzle to stay compliant. Work on one section at a time. Leave this guide on your computer until you have mastered the system.

  • Click on Driver Qualification……… Read about the general rules…
  • Now, click on number 2…………… The rules regarding the Employment Application will appear……
  • Click on the number 391.21. It will link you to the FMCSA rule which has additional information.
  • Follow through the numbers, complete the tasks, and you will have one complete Driver Qualification File.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other categories.

In addition to online training courses, has all the tools needed to make D.O.T and FMCSA Compliance easier.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let your next job find you!

To all CDL Drivers

CDL Companies is proud to announce our new recruiting service. The driver shortage is coming back and you are in demand. Several of our customers have requested that we start looking for qualified drivers. We have created a one stop resource for the driver and for our customers. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let Your Next Driver Find You

Let Your Next Driver Find You

Safety as a Service is proud to announce a new feature that is being offered through your existing subscription.
Our sister companies and websites have done a great job of creating a database of CDL Drivers; the database has grown to 5000 drivers and seems to be increasing in leaps and bounds everyday.
This growing database and the number of carriers looking for drivers made us wonder: How could we help both sets of our customers?

Our Decision
  1. Get all of the drivers that we know to fill out a Driver Profile.
  2. Get all of the carriers that we know to send us a Job Profile when they are looking for drivers.
The response from drivers has been overwhelming.

Here is what you need to do:
  1. Send us a Job Profile and we will cross examine your requirements against the Driver Profile.
  2. We will send the driver an email with your details when we find a match.
  3. We will then let the driver know if you are interested by filling out an employment application on
  4. The driver's full application will be delivered to your portal.
  5. The two of you meet and decide on the outcome from there.
The Cost
Two pre-approved, scrutinized applications per month are included in your subscription. We will charge a fee for each application after the first two.

The Disclaimer
We will do our best to present applications that meet your qualifications. You will still need to use your vetting skills, as you would with any driver; however, we think this service will help you cut through the junk applications that you receive from the newspaper or Craigslist.

Imagine the Possibilities.
You will only receive applications from a driver that:
  1. Knows how much you pay.
  2. Meets the basic requirements.
  3. Came looking for you.
The only thing left to do is to contact the driver, do your background check, and close the deal.
Contact us for more information. Your portal will have more information for you.
We hope the service proves beneficial to both parties. I sent this email to our customers. Unsubscribe below if our offers do not interest you (I hate junk mail too.)

Let Your Next Job Find You

We are asking your permission.

You gave us your trust once, now we are asking for your permission again. You were either a student of CDL College, took our online courses, or filled out a driver profile from one of our web sites.

We are creating a new service for our corporate customers, who are currently having a hard time finding and hiring drivers.

We thought, how can we help carriers AND our drivers?

We know thousands of CDL drivers. Let's create a system to connect the two!

Our Decision

  1. Invite all of the drivers whom we know to fill out a Driver Profile.
  2. Invite all of the carriers whom we know to send us a Job Profile when they are looking for drivers.

We already contacted all the carriers we know and the response has been overwhelming. We did not want to breach your trust or overwhelm you with a stream of calls. So, this is what we put together. With that in mind, we decided that the process should be:

  1. The carriers will send us a Job Profile and we will cross examine their requirements against your Driver Profile.
  2. We'll send you an email with the details when we find a match.
  3. You can let us know if you are interested by filling out the carriers employment application.
  4. Finally, the two of you will meet and decide on the outcome from there.

What you need to do

  1. Fill out the Driver Profile at
  2. Wait for us to send you job leads.

It will be beneficial to fill out the Driver Profile whether or not you are looking for a job. We will earmark your profile as either: "actively looking," "passively looking," or "I need a job NOW". Let us know when your situation changes so we can put you into the correct category.

Our Hope

We hope the service proves beneficial to both parties.

But I hate junk mail too; please unsubscribe below if our offers do not interest you.


Fill out the Driver Profile at The profile is the only way for us to connect you with our employer list.

Colorado's D.O.T. Medical Card Rules for CDL drivers are Changing.

CDL Drivers are starting to notice Colorado's new medical rules. We were supposed to update our medical cards, at least, every two years. But we only needed to renew our Commercial Driver's License (CDL) every four years.
Some of us let our medical cards lapse for a few months before going to a doctor. No big deal, as long we didn't drive a commercial vehicle or cross a port of entry, it worked out. Just get a physical before renewing your license.
The DMV figured out our system. If you have recently been to a DMV, you saw them enter the expiration date of your medical card into the computer. This is new. In the past, they just visually inspected the card in the past and never noted the expiration date.
If you do not notify the DMV about the next time you get a physical, they will cancel your driver's license, not just your CDL. They will send a warning letter first, stating that you are in violation. It is serious. Make sure you follow up.
Everyone must comply by January 31, 2014. It is easy if you renewed your CDL before that date  (They have already noted your information).
The State must have everyone caught up by then. They know 20,000 people will miss this deadline because they did not need to renew their CDL by the end of January. If you have not renewed your CDL recently, you must send the State of Colorado a copy of your physical.
Don't worry too much. They made it pretty easy for you to comply with the regulation. You just need to do it. We've outlined the steps for you below, complete with links to the forms, and important phone and fax numbers.
Submitting your Medical DOT to Colorado
  1. Print the following document: DR2904 CDL Self Certification and Attach the DOT Medical Card (do not attach the long form. Just a copy of your card)and fax it to: 303-205-5709 Attn: CDL Unit
The form has some confusing government language.
Please mark the applicable box: A. Non-excepted Interstate - A person must certify that he or she operates or expects to operate in interstate commerce, is both subject to and meets the qualification requirements under 49 CFR part 391 and is required to obtain a medical examiners certificate B. Excepted Interstate - A person must certify that he or she operates or expects to operate in interstate commerce, but engages exclusively in transportation or operations excepted under 49 CFR 390.3(f), 391.2, 391.68 or 398.3. C. Non Excepted Intrastate – A person must certify that he or she operates only in intrastate commerce and therefore is subject to State driver qualification requirements. D. Excepted Intrastate – A person must certify that he or she operates in intrastate commerce but engages exclusively in transportation or operations excepted from all or parts of the State Driver qualification requirements
Everyone should check box A stating that you want to be qualified for Non-excepted Interstate. The only reason to bother with B,C or D is if you are under 21 or have a medical waiver from the Colorado State Patrol.
Check Box A. I can't say it enough. Even if you will never cross state lines. The term "expects to operate in interstate commerce" does not mean crossing state lines in a truck. It means participates in interstate commerce. If you transport any goods that EVER come across state lines: you are participating in interstate commerce. Check Box A.
  1. Verify they have received your forms by calling: 303-205-5843. After you fax your form, they expect to have your information entered within 48 hours. This phone number connects you directly to the people entering the information.
  2. If you need any administrative help, please call this number: 303-205-5646.
If you are a CDL driver and need any additional help, please call CDL College at 303-367-1030.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

CDL College's New Sign

Our new sign went up yesterday on Vazquez Blvd, in Commerce City, CO.

I like it. We're moving up.