Friday, September 26, 2014

Trucks World News: TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - Recruiting Trucking and Logistics Companies

Trucks World News: TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - Recruiting Trucking and Logistics Companies

Safety as a Service FAQ

I am collecting and posting faq questions about Safety as a Service.

Are your training courses available via the Qualcomm MCP200?
Yes, our courses work on Qualcomm devices as long as the Qualcomm device can get internet access and play flash video content(Which most can).  There is two ways to activate the courses to play on Qualcomm.  1. If all of your drivers will be taking the courses on Qualcomm then after you get logged in, click on the Edit Company Info link in the blue link bar at the top of the page.  From there, you can read the description and activate the Qualcomm version of the courses for everyone.  2. If only a few drivers will be taking their courses on Qualcomm, then you just click on the drivers name to access their account info and then activate Qualcomm for each driver individually.

Is it possible to pick and choose courses that fit our needs, and does each course have a certificate upon completion?
Yes, the system is setup for you to group which courses you feel your drivers need and assign them to your drivers and track their progress.  All you have to do is click on the Driver Training tab after you log in and after you have added your drivers to the system that you want to train, then just click on the assign courses link in the blue link bar at the top.  From there you can preview courses and add only the ones you want to assign to your drivers.  It's a great system and extremely flexible.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

World Champion Cycle Jumper Gary Wells is Coming to Colorado!

September 12th Event added to CNS Schedule

Garys_Job_Board_is_proud_to announce_Gary_Wells
Colorado National Speedway is excited to announce the addition of a bonus race event on Friday September 12th.

On this night, in preparation for the 2014 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we are excited to present:

World Champion Cycle Jumper El Gringo Loco (also known as Gary Wells) will jump 12 semi trucks for the fans at Colorado National Speedway!

Gary Wells Ceasers Palace Jump 1980

Gary Wells is a World Champion Motorcyclist Extraordinaire!

The following write-up was extracted from Gary Wells' Website:

Gary has been featured nationally on all three major networks. (CBS Sports Spectacular, ABC That's Incredible, NBC Late Night with Tom Snyder, Mike Douglas, and Dick Clark Special, etc.)

In 1980 Gary broke his own World Record in Melbourne, Australia with a 176' 4" jump. In the time period between January 1979 to April of 1980, there were seven attempts by six other jumpers (four English, two Australians) at this distance and all have been unsuccessful.

The American stands unscathed and has thusly created a class of his own. The media has deemed him "a legend": one hundred and ten World Record jumps and only one accident.

This accident being the infamous Caesar's Palace Fountains in Las Vegas, September 15, 1980. Fighting the toughest challenge of his life, Gary Wells completely recovered from the catastrophic crash (which would have killed a lesser man).

During intermission on the 12th 

EL Gringo Loco will jump 12 semi-trucks!

Friday night, September 12th, 6 to 10 pm-Colorado National Speedway.

More Fun Stuff

In addition to Gary’s motorcycle jump;

  • We will be racing the Gillett Vet Super Late Models 
  • The Lincoln College of Technology Pure Stocks and the
  • RMLRA Legend Cars.

This event is presented by Gary's Job Board and CDL College to show our support of our Highway Hero's and to kick off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Come honor the people that always deliver your goods on time.

Gary's Job Board and CDL College will be showcasing trucking companies. The V.I.P. lounge will be open to anyone with a CDL, or anyone that always wanted a CDL. This is your chance to mingle trucking company executives and see The World Renowned "El Gringo Loco" jump 12 semi-trucks to kick off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

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