Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Driver Instructions for Safety as a

Print this guide and give it to your driver. It will walk them through signing in and taking the courses.

1. Go to

2. Login with the E-Mail and Password supplied by your company. Your company might not have known your email address when they signed you up. Your personal email address may not work. Make sure you get the email address from the company. You can change it to your personal email address after you sign in.

3.  You will end up at the overview page after you sign in. You will see the courses assigned to you. Click "View".

4. The course will open in a new window. The Overview Page will still be in it's existing window. Make sure to leave the over page open while you watch the course.

5. Watch the course all of the way through. Take all of the quizzes. Close the window when you are complete.

6. Closing the course window after completing the class triggers the Overview Page (that you left open). This action will tell the system your status.

 7. The main trouble shooting step is with your company. Get with the person that assigned you the course they can help you trouble shoot any logging-in errors. Logging-in errors are usually a mis-typed email address.

Driver Recruiting-Let Your Next Driver Find You

Your Safety as a Service subscription comes with a cool new feature-drivers. You always had the ability to provide your driver's with online training, an online employment application and a driver management portal. Now you can find drivers too. 

Here's how it works. 

Check out the Driver Recruiting page from your portal.

In the past you could obtain the link to your employment application and place it on your website or craigslist. The driver's application would be delivered to your portal.  

Now we have started a Driver Match Making service. Fill out a Job Profile from the same Driver Recruiting tab.

The Job Profile will tell us the type and number of drivers that you are looking for. 

The Job Profile triggers our recruiter's into action.  They will find a driver that meets your requirements. 

Driver Recruiting is one of the services that we offer at

Let us know if you have any questions

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lawsuit Against a Trucking Company. Part 2

This is the continuation of part 1.  It starts to heat up in post 2. We have a new shocking revelation.  Read on:

22             Q. Sir, I’m going to hand you what's been marked as
23      Defendants' — excuse me, Plaintiffs Exhibit 1, and can you
24      tell me if that is the personnel file or the driver
25      qualification file?
Page 7
1             A. It looks like a combination of both. It has his
2       W-4 and wages and wage assignment. It looks like it's
3       combined.
4              Q. Is that file kept in the ordinary course of
5       business at Skyways Delivery?
6              A. Yes.
7              Q. Who is the person charged with maintaining that
8       file at that business?
9              A. Currently, it's Stephanie Molly.
10             Q. And who was responsible for keeping that file in
11      the year 2000?
12             A. Jean Hicks.
13             Q. And is that a true and correct copy of both the
14      personnel file and the driver qualification file for Mr.
15      Bennington that was kept at Sky Ways Transportation?
16             A. Yes.
17             Q. And is that a copy of the entire file?
18             A. Yes.
19             Q. Now, who was it that hired Mr. Bennington?
20              A. Mike Robinson.
21              Q. And that's your father?
22              A. Uncle.
23              Q. Your uncle. And what was his job there then?
24              A. Owner/vice president.
25              Q. Who are the other owners?
Page 8
1            A. Mike  Robinson, Larry Robinson, Joe Robinson; and at the time,
2      that was it.
3             Q. Do your records indicate whether you did any
4      background checks on Mr. Bennington at the time you hired him?
5            A. Yes.
6             Q. Okay. What background check did you do on him?
7             A. Motor vehicle, his driving record, and we pulled
8      his motor vehicle report. We have a statement of his
9      violations within the previous year.
10            Q. Is there any information in that driver's
11     qualification file from previous employers?
12            A. There is a list of previous employers.
13            Q. And did you make any inquiry with them as to Mr.
14     Bennington's character or qualifications as a driver?
15            A. I do not see a written record of that.
16            Q. Do you know if that's one of the requirements of
17     the federal motor carrier safety regulations?
118 A. Three years prior is required.
19            Q. And can you tell me from that file what efforts
20      were made to inquire for the three years prior regarding Mr.
21      Bennington at the time you hired him?
22            A. I don't see any written documentation.
23            Q. When did you first learn that Mr. Bennington was a
24      convicted methamphetamine dealer?
25            A. Yesterday.

Part 3 is coming soon.