Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Manage a Trucking Company’s Safety, Compliance and Recruiting.

We created a platform to manage a trucking company’s safety, compliance and recruiting.

Everyone involved in transportation is in the driver business. We exist to support them. It doesn’t matter if your business hauls goods, makes or insures trucks. You’re in the driver business.

Our platform helps you support them.

You need to hire, manage and train drivers if you want the most benefit from them.

Our platform satisfies that need. We all need drivers to keep our businesses running. We take a funnel approach to hiring, complying and training. A hired driver is funneled from recruiting to compliance to training.

Recruiting platform-
Advertise the need to hire.
Distribute employment applications.
Receive and review applications.

Did you find a driver to hire?

Send them to the Compliance Section with a click.
Driver Qualification File’s are collected and stored here.
Document accidents and incidents.
Make notes on each driver.
Track drug tests.

Do you want to promote a safe culture?

Follow the driver to the training portal.
Assign courses to all drivers.
Assign specific courses after an incident or accident.
Track course participation
Store and/or print course completion certificates.

The system is easy to navigate and use.

We should not fear the guys at Federal Motor Carrier Safety. You will have a safe company by following the rules. Properly hired,documented and trained drivers effect every corner of your business.

Hiring the right driver improves delivery times.
Improved delivery times bring more customers.

Documenting a driver properly helps during an audit or lawsuit.
Clean audits and less litigation bring more customers.

Safe drivers lower operating costs.
Lower operating costs mean an opportunity for expansion.
Expansion opportunities bring more customers.

Our boots are on the ground. We come from the trucking industry. We come from the training industry. Every tool that we make originated with an internal need. We create tools that scratch our own itch. As truckers and educators.

We offer those tools to the you. To make your job easier. To help you support the people that matter the most….Your Drivers.

You can use our tools for $500 a year. Sign up for a trial at

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