Friday, May 23, 2014

Truck driving is a tough job…Finding and keeping truckers? Even tougher

truck driver

Truck driving is a tough job…Finding and keeping truckers? Even tougher
Meet Jason..he runs his own truck carrier company…and like everybody else in the industry..he is struggling to attract and keep a CDL driver.... 

He has contacted several recruiting agencies, but most of the resumes were from the non serious contenders and he has no idea, where to find reliable drivers ,  who would actually love to work with his company

Just when he was about to snap…he comes to know…a platform that connects carriers with compatible CDL drivers , easily and conveniently

As a member,you can hire CDL drivers in few simple steps
·         Go to the Recruiting Tab
·         Click on Job Profile Button
·         Fill out Job Profile
·         See how many drivers match your Job Profile and Search for Drivers.
·         Invite Driver to fill Out an Application
·         You will receive the applications from the drivers
·         View Applications
·         Hire the Driver you like
Amazing! Isn’t it?

Thanks to, Jason was able to hire several CDL drivers…who would love to work with his company…and he is now ready to grow his business manifold

But, there is more to it….When you subscribe to our all inclusive Driver M.S.C package … you get everything we offer with the subscription…including modules like

·         Driver Management : The fastest and most efficient way to manage your drivers. Handle everything from Recruiting to Training to Accidents. A total solution.
·         Driver Safety : Keep your drivers safe and your training costs down with our Driver Safety Solutions.
·         Driver Compliance : Keep your drivers and your company in compliance with our set of management and training tools.
You get everything we offer for the monthly or yearly fee…. No extra up-selling. No per-driver fee. .. It's that simple.

So what are You waiting for?
Recruit the perfect CDL driver in no time
Do more for your drivers and company in much less time and with minimal cost!
To know more and get started

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