Friday, May 23, 2014

Meet Bob…he is a CDL driver …and he is looking for a job…


Meet Bob…he is a CDL driver …and he is looking for a job…

He has talked to several consultants and sent his resume to many more…but what he has received in response is nothing but spam emails in his inbox…

He has applied to many positions ..but could never find a company where the opportunity suits his expectations…After wasting lots of his time , money and efforts, Bob realized that the most important step in job hunting is to identify a company that is actually interested in him…

Easier said than done…soon the whole process of job hunting has become  a nightmare for him…

Just when Bob was about to quit his quest to find the right job…he comes to know about…a unique job board for CDL drivers,that connect them with the real companies looking for drivers…based on their merits and selection criteria.

Finding  CDL driver job at is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. ·         Simply, click on the Drivers tab
  2. ·         Fill out Driver Profile
  3. ·         Click submit and that’s it
That’s it…Your work is over…It is now our turn
·         You will first receive a welcome email from GarysJobboard and Safetyasaservice
·         We will match your profile with the criteria of the Trucking companies, that match your expectations.
       Once the right fit is found, Trucking companies invite you to fill out an application form
·         You will receive the link to the form in your inbox
·         The carrier receives your application-directly.
·         They review and call you for an interview.
You only have to talk with us, and it is our job to find a company that is compatible with you.
What’s more? There is no charge to you for this service.

Yes! Finding a trucking job that fits your expectations, can be that easy

Thanks to…Bob was able to find the perfect job and he has been selected at a reputable carrier…

So what are YOU waiting for? Drivers’ shortage is coming back, and you are in demand. GarysJobBoard is the one stop resource for the driver and for our customers.
Find your dream job as a CDL driver
To know more and get started

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