Friday, September 26, 2014

Safety as a Service FAQ

I am collecting and posting faq questions about Safety as a Service.

Are your training courses available via the Qualcomm MCP200?
Yes, our courses work on Qualcomm devices as long as the Qualcomm device can get internet access and play flash video content(Which most can).  There is two ways to activate the courses to play on Qualcomm.  1. If all of your drivers will be taking the courses on Qualcomm then after you get logged in, click on the Edit Company Info link in the blue link bar at the top of the page.  From there, you can read the description and activate the Qualcomm version of the courses for everyone.  2. If only a few drivers will be taking their courses on Qualcomm, then you just click on the drivers name to access their account info and then activate Qualcomm for each driver individually.

Is it possible to pick and choose courses that fit our needs, and does each course have a certificate upon completion?
Yes, the system is setup for you to group which courses you feel your drivers need and assign them to your drivers and track their progress.  All you have to do is click on the Driver Training tab after you log in and after you have added your drivers to the system that you want to train, then just click on the assign courses link in the blue link bar at the top.  From there you can preview courses and add only the ones you want to assign to your drivers.  It's a great system and extremely flexible.

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