Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Safety as a Service Rolls Out A New Look

Safety as a Service is proud to roll out a new user interface. The site is now a responsive website. It adjusts itself to match the screen it is being viewed on. It is easier to navigate and find information faster. The new design matches our desire to help with all aspects of the driver. From hiring a driver to training to compliance, Safety as a Service has it all.

How would you like to manage your drivers online and in one place? By managing we mean having a place to login and see a list of all of your drivers and being able to view important data on each driver, perform tasks, and keep track of every aspect of their day - to - day activities. 

Raise your hand if you need a driver! How would you like to have a place to go every time you needed a driver without having to place ads and without having to collect paper applications?


How about seeing a list of all your driver applications in an easy to use and sort-able list?

How would you like to be featured in our job board that goes out to a massive list of potential drivers that are literally looking right now? And work with a company that is constantly combing the land for new drivers so you don't have to?

How would you like to keep track of your driver's applications, drug test's, accidents, and training all in one place and accessible anywhere you can log in with a computer? On a team? Wouldn't it be great if your team members could have access to all that data as well without having to ask you for it?

Give it a spin today with a free trial (no credit card needed). Free Trial

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