Friday, March 28, 2014

Dangers of road rage and technology

A woman in Florida was being tailgated by an aggressive driver in a pick up, so she decided to take out her cell to get the incident on video.   When the road rager decided to pass her he gave her the bird and then lost control of his vehicle then crashed into a ditch taking out a light pole in the process.  Talk about instant gratification, but the woman filming the whole incident could have just as easily been the one who lost control and crashed.  Remember that two wrongs do not make a right.

As professional drivers, we see road rage directed at us and other drivers frequently.  We need to remember that we are professional drivers, and should act accordingly.  Neither the driver in the video below is a professional driver, and it shows.  If another driver is tailgating you or has harsh words for your mother its better to ignore them than to get back at them.  Do not pull out your phone and start making a YouTube video while driving.  The risks of causing an accident do not out weigh the benefits of getting 4 million views on YouTube in one day.  Remember the bigger picture and please drive safe.

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