Monday, October 7, 2013

Let Your Next Job Find You

We are asking your permission.

You gave us your trust once, now we are asking for your permission again. You were either a student of CDL College, took our online courses, or filled out a driver profile from one of our web sites.

We are creating a new service for our corporate customers, who are currently having a hard time finding and hiring drivers.

We thought, how can we help carriers AND our drivers?

We know thousands of CDL drivers. Let's create a system to connect the two!

Our Decision

  1. Invite all of the drivers whom we know to fill out a Driver Profile.
  2. Invite all of the carriers whom we know to send us a Job Profile when they are looking for drivers.

We already contacted all the carriers we know and the response has been overwhelming. We did not want to breach your trust or overwhelm you with a stream of calls. So, this is what we put together. With that in mind, we decided that the process should be:

  1. The carriers will send us a Job Profile and we will cross examine their requirements against your Driver Profile.
  2. We'll send you an email with the details when we find a match.
  3. You can let us know if you are interested by filling out the carriers employment application.
  4. Finally, the two of you will meet and decide on the outcome from there.

What you need to do

  1. Fill out the Driver Profile at
  2. Wait for us to send you job leads.

It will be beneficial to fill out the Driver Profile whether or not you are looking for a job. We will earmark your profile as either: "actively looking," "passively looking," or "I need a job NOW". Let us know when your situation changes so we can put you into the correct category.

Our Hope

We hope the service proves beneficial to both parties.

But I hate junk mail too; please unsubscribe below if our offers do not interest you.


Fill out the Driver Profile at The profile is the only way for us to connect you with our employer list.

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