Monday, October 7, 2013

Let Your Next Driver Find You

Let Your Next Driver Find You

Safety as a Service is proud to announce a new feature that is being offered through your existing subscription.
Our sister companies and websites have done a great job of creating a database of CDL Drivers; the database has grown to 5000 drivers and seems to be increasing in leaps and bounds everyday.
This growing database and the number of carriers looking for drivers made us wonder: How could we help both sets of our customers?

Our Decision
  1. Get all of the drivers that we know to fill out a Driver Profile.
  2. Get all of the carriers that we know to send us a Job Profile when they are looking for drivers.
The response from drivers has been overwhelming.

Here is what you need to do:
  1. Send us a Job Profile and we will cross examine your requirements against the Driver Profile.
  2. We will send the driver an email with your details when we find a match.
  3. We will then let the driver know if you are interested by filling out an employment application on
  4. The driver's full application will be delivered to your portal.
  5. The two of you meet and decide on the outcome from there.
The Cost
Two pre-approved, scrutinized applications per month are included in your subscription. We will charge a fee for each application after the first two.

The Disclaimer
We will do our best to present applications that meet your qualifications. You will still need to use your vetting skills, as you would with any driver; however, we think this service will help you cut through the junk applications that you receive from the newspaper or Craigslist.

Imagine the Possibilities.
You will only receive applications from a driver that:
  1. Knows how much you pay.
  2. Meets the basic requirements.
  3. Came looking for you.
The only thing left to do is to contact the driver, do your background check, and close the deal.
Contact us for more information. Your portal will have more information for you.
We hope the service proves beneficial to both parties. I sent this email to our customers. Unsubscribe below if our offers do not interest you (I hate junk mail too.)

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