Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LCV Regulation Clarified-Again

Don't feel bad if this LCV Regulation stumps you. It stumps me at times too. Here is more clarification from our previous post.

Your experienced driver can teach and certify the skills portion. They could have written this regulation much better.

Any driver that has more than 2 years experience (with a similar type of vehicle) can teach and certify if they meet the requirements of 380.111(b).

A driver with less than 2 years experience can teach and certify if they have experience teaching the operation of an LCV within the last 2 years. That is the waiver in 380.303 (b). 

Essentially, A driver with more than 2 years experience can teach. A driver with less than 2 years can teach if they have taught. Figure out that logic.

You can use to satisfy the classroom portion of the regulation and obtain the docs required.

LCV Skills Instructor Requirements
Valid Class A

Doubles/Triples Endorsement

More Than 2 Years operating similar vehicle.
Waived if:

Meets 380.111(b)

Operated a similar type of vehicle within the previous 2 Years

Has taught the operation of an LCV within the previous 2 years.
An individual must certify that, during the 2-year period immediately preceding the date of application for a Certificate of Grandfathering, he/she had:

A valid Class A CDL with a “double/triple trailers” endorsement;

No more than one driver's license;

No suspension, revocation, or cancellation of his/her CDL;

No convictions for a major offense while operating a CMV as defined in § 383.51(b) of this subchapter;

No convictions for a railroad-highway grade crossing offense while operating a CMV as defined in § 383.51(d) of this subchapter;

No convictions for violating an out-of-service order as defined in § 383.51(e) of this subchapter;

No more than one conviction for a serious traffic violation, as defined in § 383.5 of this subchapter, while operating a CMV; and

No convictions for a violation of State or local law relating to motor vehicle traffic control arising in connection with any traffic crash while operating a CMV. 

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